Bunny Hopping...? any tips

any tips, what’s it like etc? :thinking:

use your handle (or front of your seat) to pull up on. By pulling up, you are forcing your feet onto the pedals (which you have in a horizontal postion).

This makes you and the unicycle act like one thing, not someone on top of a unicycle. Then you are simply jumping up, and pulling the unicycle with you.

As you get more experienced, it takes less and less of an upwards pull to get the same height.

Re: Bunny Hopping…? any tips

i started bouncing along to a pretty furious rythm and only slowed down when i read some advice during a recent thread that u should jump and then hold the stilstand as long as u can, leaning in the direction u want to go and then do the next jump
once u get the basic hang of jumping, this will make more sense

remember that the power for the jump comes from your legs, your hands on the seat insures that the pedals stay ‘glued’ to the soles of your feet

this is important

Get a bunny; poke it with a sharp stick.

Keep your legs straight, or mostly so.

Ride along, stop, stand up holding the seat. Jump straight up. At the time I learned, I could barely stop, so I needed to ride by a corner of my garage. Touching the corner with one finger slowed me down enough so I could stand up.

Call it ‘hopping’. Bunny hopping is a BMX term for lifting the front wheel by leaning back and then hopping.

Re: Bunny Hopping…? any tips

I first started to bunny hop not by trying to, but by trying to hop a curb. I then learned to balance on a bunny hop by trying to line up the jump.


Initially, it’s all weird. You can’t get your body in since with the Uni.
The first time you try to hop on a two by four, you will know what I mean. With practice, your body will move together, not against the uni. Work with low pressures at first to get used to the spring, especially if you have a Gazz.

Also, you might have a tendency to pull really hard on the handle when hopping. You really won’t have to do that, and if you do, you can injure your wrist. Keep in the mind how your wrist is bent at the handle. Try to find a spot that works for you. I often hold the handle at the side when i side hop with my fore finger around the front and the thumb across the top.

Also, check your seat height. If it is too high, it makes it more difficult.