Bunny hop

How can i bunny hop higher? i can only get about 1.5 feet off the ground. Whats your highest bunny hop?

3 inches. I wish that I had your problem of only 1.5 feet.

you should search the forums for ‘vertical jump’.

That’s your best ticket. Then read through the posts, and check out some videos in the gallery to see how people are hopping higher.

I was going to respond to an older forum, so it’ll be up for you to grab without searching.


you’d probably have more luck searching with “rolling hop” or “seat out hop”, or just watching dan heaton or ryan atkins in slow motion

Yeah zack, I think you’re right.

Those vids help to grasp the initial concepts so you can go and work on it in your own way with knowing what you’re supposed to do.

nough said

and check out this insane side hop by zack baldwin
click here

zack is exteme of the world’s best. As for me him all day my bodies that legs must at all be strong, the fact that the week pulls is permitted!

Man that is one sick hop. It’s freakin huge.