Bunny cycle

I’m looking to buy a solid 12’ unicycle and it seems like a bunnycycle is the best but when it says select the country on in which you live on kahero.com it doesn’t say the united states, does this mean that it is not possible to get one in the united states? If there is another way to get one tell me or if you know of another solid 12’ unicycle tell me. Thanks.

Si votre pays n’est pas présent dans cette liste, contactez-nous

In other words, if you don’t see your country on the list, contact them.

Are you shopping for a twelve foot tall unicycle, or just having trouble with the Shift key? Okay I looked at the site and it’s the latter. Those are cute-looking little cycles, but 12" unicycles are generally built for little kids; don’t use it for anything rough or the wheel will probably fold.

Yes, it looks like they don’t ship to the US. Maybe contacting them via email will help? But between shipping and duties/taxes it might not be a very good deal. There’s always this one, for a lot less than the Bunny, but no pretty colors and old-school lolipop bearings:

Remember, bearings shouldn’t be an issue on a 12" unicycle unless you’re going to beat on it…

There have been some videos lately where 12" unicycles have been thrown around as if they were trials. So now there are quite a few people who want the bunny cycle as it was the one used in the videos. Although nobody really knows whether or not the person that made the video ever broke his bunny cycle, or how long one lasted for him.

You mean this one? havent seen any other video using a 12" besides this


Eddbmxdude made a 12" trials vid, he broke 5 spokes jumping it onto a palate.


The first video made me want to get a 12 inch and he does some big stuff and it doesnt break and he is using a bunny cycle.

It’s not the latter, as he’s not having trouble with the Shift key. The “or” in your question should be “and”, and then the answer is “no”.

I’m guessing that it was wise for them to sponsor Dorian, then?