bunny cycle. 12 inches?

Help. Im from South Africa (yes, and im not black). I want to know if there is anywhere that i can order/buy a bunny cyce (12 inch uni) from, i can then maybe organise postage to South africa…

i allready own a qu-ax cross 20" and a qu-ax muni 20", but they are a bit big for riding around the house and school.

any help appreciated

I can’t help you but GILD might be able to.

There are other South African unicyclists on here but GILD is the most prominent. He might not read this thread so send him a PM (Private Message)



There’s a UDC South Africa, but they just run some KH’s and QU-AX’s!

I think that only KAHERO sells this uni! Try to email them :wink:

Yea ive spoken to the distributers in SA, but they dont stock them, or even import them. Ill try talk to GILD though, maybe he will know someone that maybe can even build one…?

:thinking: oh yea and where exactly is kahero, what language?


I imported a nimbus 16" trials from NZ
Custom wheel build though to ISIS
Take a look at that 1

Ja ive seen the 16 inch ones, but if im going smaller than 20inch then i want to go all the way with a 12…