Bunch of stuff!

Okay so atm I’m in Hungary and I’m going back to the states in less than a month. Here is what I plan to sell when I get home:

  1. Nimbus 2 frame (spray painted neon green) [$35]

  2. Try-all black tire (old) but there is a small
    tear on the tire where it hooks on the inner side of the rim, showing part of the medal thats inside that part of the tire, but otherwise it’s barely been used. [$30]

  3. Extremely short qu-ax sliver seatpost with reinforcement peice(not sure if ill sell this) [$8]

  4. Steel seatpost black (not sure about the length though but I’m sure it would fit the nimbus 2 frame) [$13]

  5. (Feeler) Ornage K1 street rim with light hub and 2.5 silver spokes [$100]

  6. (Feeler) Tensile cranks from the shithead Joe Campbell (I need to know about these soon cause they’re in Hungary with me and I don’t want to bring them to America if nobody wants them) [$75]

  7. XTP frame (the frame broke at the top of the neck and I cut it so it works fine) (I’m already selling this frame at $220 to someone but if I get a better price then you can have it!)

  8. One bolt black Hero seatpost clamp that is 25mm (only fit nimbus frames and some qu-ax and torker unis) [$5]

  9. Qu-ax tire with two yellow stripes (it’s here in Hungary so I can bring it to America or sell it from here!) [$10]

Pics will be up around December the 20th! Just send me a pm ahead of time and when I go home i can send everything out! :smiley:

If you don’t feel as though these prices are right then tell me and we can negotiate.

Some of these things such as the seatpost or small parts I can bring back to Hungary if your sure you want it but if youwant me to bring the frame or wheelset back I’ll have to charge you extra for shipping!

Hope to get some responses soon! :roll_eyes:

wow… a lot of stuff looks like a cool sale.

but no need to use that kinda language…honestly take out your anger somehwere other than a public forum…

honestly tensiles are sweet no matter who or where they come from.

okay enough from me, good luck with the sale

he deserves that name you have know idea what he did to me. But id rather talk abou this over fb chat or a pm cause i want to sell my stuff not discuss this matter on this thread! :stuck_out_tongue: anyways thanks hope people buy something soon…

You’ve agreed to sell something to someone but are prepared to back out of that agreement? :thinking:

Well I would sell it to him at euc and if he isnt going then i cant sell it to him at all but i guess i shouldnt sell it to anyone else probably. :frowning:

  1. Nimbus 2 frame (spray painted neon green) [$35]

What size tire does this take?

Where in the USA will you be (just to figure shipping)?

What do you have for a 36"?

-I have nothing for a 36 inch uni sorry. The frame is for a 20" and the seatpost size is 25.4 the other black setpost or the qu ax seatpost im selling will fit it.
I will be shipping it from maryland.