Bunch of parts!

Hi! I decided it was time to sell all the parts I never use and I will never use. I need some money for another unicycle :roll_eyes: Here’s the list!

1- Freestyle wheel. 90mm square tapered cranks, 36 hole learner hub, cool twisted spokes, brand new looking kenda tire (I used it a few times on my BC wheel), really light single wall aluminum rim. Really good condition, I built this wheel and I rode it once for like 10 minutes. $40. [picture 1-2]

2- Nimbus II Trials frame. The frame nubs were cut to help for knee clearance in Trials. It’s painted dark blue. It comes with a purple Animal seatclamp. $30. [picture 3-4-5]

3- Nimbus I/Bedford Trials frame. Painted orange. It uses 22.2mm seatpost (I think I have one). It comes with a quick release seatclamp. $30. [picture 6]

4- Learner seat. Super flexy, fits on KH style seatposts. $0. [picture 7]

5- KH 04 seat. I used it for about a year when I learned. No bad damage at all. It has the super thick foam (good for modifications!). Comes without handle. $30. [picture 8-9]

6- 170mm square tapered cranks. I took them off of my old bike. They are steel cranks, they look really bad but they aren’t bent. 0$. [picture 10]

7- Luna Trials tire. Ready to be shaved. I started the job but never finished. There’s about 1/8 of the tire that is perfectly shaved. $15. [picture 11-12]


All prices are in $ CAD. Shipping is not included in the prices. Buyer pays shipping.

PM me if interested!

I’d take 2 the nimbus II trials frame. i been looking for a frame for my second uni for quite some time.

PM me your adress/postal code so I can check the shipping cost and send it :slight_smile:


OH can i get one of those frames :slight_smile: puleeeeeez? fort wayne indiana 46845 is my shipping adress

The Nimbus II goes to Unicycleaddict unless he change his mind. You can have the Nimbus I/Bedford Trials frame if you want. I’ll check shipping cost and I’ll PM you!


Nimbus II frame is sold, everything else is still up for grabs!


Freestyle wheel now comes with a second pair of cranks (90mm and 125mm).

Negociable prices also, I want to get rid of these parts.


Both frames are currently sold, I’m waiting for the payment. Everything else is still waiting to go!


Both frames are sold, all the rest is available. My prices are also negociable.

um… i think you have the wrong fourm…