Bunch of airseat questions...

I just wrote this up and it got deleted so here it goes condensed.

Does the foam go on top or below the tube?

Do I need to cut the foam or throw it away?

The cover won’t fit am i doing something wrong?

I might be able to get a leather one (cover) made is this a bad or good idea? Should I get it a bit bigger to solve the above problem?

Is there another way to attach the cover, those clip things stink! Two broke off and some made holes in the cover.

Does a drawstring work well (Digitalattrition)?

Thanks, that wasn’t very condensed but anywho. Its a Torker LX (miyata). And yes I already did a search. All input is appreciated.



I just did one and just cut out a piece of 1/2" foam to match the original padding and put it on top. If you can fiqure out a way to cut the original padding to about a 1/2" that would work great. I used a 12" intertube and made a pillow case for it. I also broke one of the clips off but it turned out excellent. If you decide to get a leather seat cover made use the original foam padding as a reference point for the pattern. Good luck.

Re: airseat

John Childs, who knows a thing or two about cutting foam, recommends using an electric carving knife. Electric carving knives are great for cutting foam.

For a pictoral tour of the process, see the John Childs airseat gallery: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Airseat

David, I used a 1/2" piece of foam on top of the inner tube. I’ve found the easiest way to shape the tube is:

Slightly inflate the tube
Duct tape the tube to the seat base, completely incasing the tube
Once you get the tube shaped perfectly, cut the duct tape just above the seat base and remove the assembly from the seatbase.
Now, wrap the exposed bottom of the tube with tape and you will have an air cushion that will remain in the exact shape you formed.
Install the air cushion on the seatbase, add the layer of foam and then the cover.

I custom made a vinyl cover for my air saddles and left the sides longer so that they tuck under the saddle.

The front handle and rear bumper restrain that part of the cover and the sides are pinched between the saddle base and the top of the seatpost base.

If you’re interested in my design, I can email you a pattern of the cover

Yes please!

darchibald_4 (at) hotmail (dot) com


David, I sent you a p.m. with the pattern in it:)