Bumper Stickers for the UK - your ideas!


After seeing the thread about bumper stickers in the US, I was wondering if anyone in the UK is interested in bumper stickers?

I would like a bumper sticker, as the only ones available are the unicycle.com one, and the unicyclist in the yellow diamond. They are cool, but I think we need another one!

I want to see YOUR ideas, and if there is enough people wanting some, I will get some printed, and sell them (no profit).

This page is good for you to mess around on - just click on the design you want, and then put your text in, and save the image. Then you can post it on here, and see what we make of it.
Personally, I would like a bumper sticker with a graphic in. Anyone want to design a graphic for a bumper sicker?



Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


Let’s get some proper steroetypes in, if we’re doing that.