Last night i was doing handsprings and landed on a hill, which made my foot twist under me. I heard a pop and it hurt really badly so we went to the ER and I fractured the end of my tibia right above the growth plate, so I won’t be Unicycling for a while.


Dang, that sucks. How long until you’ll be back on one wheel?
Maybe you can user this time to learn to mount into a one footed ride.

I already can mount into one-footed … but I’m not going to do any riding until it’s healed. I’m about to leave to see and orthopaedic Doc and he’ll probably set it, and then cast it.

Start Juggling. It is also awsome.

Just try it.


Yeah, it’s probably not a good idea to ride at all. Even if you can do it without your bad foot.
Juggling is lots of fun. But with a broken ankle you can’t have the ball land on your foot, then kick it back up and continue juggling. That’s a fun trick. But you can bounce it off your head and continue juggling.

Maybe he has to start with practising 3 balls, not tricks. But in the winter I juggle a lot ( it’s difficult to unicycle in our house, but juggling with 3 or 4 balls is posible ). In the summer I unicycle a lot.


Yeah, it’ll probably two weeks or so to get a good smooth 3 ball cascade. Then start working on tricks. Right now my parents won’t let me practice riding in the basement because with the cement floor because there are christmas presents down there, so I can only ride outside where it’s cold.

im kindof bummed about MR2. maybe if we take random threads that once had a real topic and start turboposting in them evilby wont close them.

Re: Bummer!

Oh man, I wish I could do handsprings. I used to do gymnastics but then I quit for some reason. And I had almost learned how to do it. But now I can’t.

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Re: Re: Bummer!

Yeah, They’re pretty easy. just like run 3 steps and hurl yourself over and make sure you keep your arms straight, I’ve been able to do them for a long time. But recently my jump has gotten higher so now i can land on my feet really well(well I COULD )

I always landed in a bridge position, and then fell on my back.

I’ve been playing soccer for the past 4 years, mountain biking, road biking, trials uni’ing, jumping and am a very active person and I break my first bone now. I hate that it broke but hey I can’t expect to put that kind of stress on bones and not break something. The one thing I feel bad about is we were going to get a video camera for our family for christmas but now we can’t because we have to pay for my doctor bills.

Hope you heal quickly :slight_smile: