We are Bullsteir from youtube and we are from in finland

New vid


Cool video. Well, except that 1 or 2 wrapwalks and 360 unispins would have been enough. :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:
Okey :smiley: we are riding only half year :smiley:

Haha I broke a bench one time to.

HAHA you too :D:D

Half a year? I could barely 180 unispin after a half year. :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep it up :smiley:

thanks :smiley:

You should learn to land 360 unispins seat in now. You guys learn fast, it took me like 2 weeks of doing nothing but 360 unispins to land one. Nice video.


Good improvement

awsome video! you guys are improving fast! where abouts in finland are you from?

Thanks!:smiley: We are from southern Finland.I need to practise unispin seat in now :smiley:

Riku’s fall into the pool


oh so your around turku? my sister was an exchange student there for a year

I do not live in Turku, but I live in Vantaa, near Turku:D

This video is also in failblog:D

My high jump :smiley:

I’m not sure is it really 50cm I cant remember


My flat training


My flat training in rainy day

3spin to wrapwalk would be nice^^ but good video though

Thanks :smiley: And yes, I still sometimes get 3spin to wrapwalk