built my 3 wheeler - thanks for the hellful suggestions

Here is what i built: it is more of a 2 wheel extension as the top part is my normal unicycle but screwed in. it seems pretty solid. i have only ridden about 2 revolutions so far but i think its more confidence holding me back, as its pretty high at 2m. Anyone have any tips specific for learning a 3 wheeler or is it basically the same as trying to learn a normal one?

Same as a giraffe really. Just go for it. Dont worry about falling you’re not really that high off the round. It seems really high but your feet are only about a meter off the ground.

Very nice!

wouldn´t that be very tough on the bearing holders?
The two lower wheels should twist and bend them pretty good.

no it doesn’t, well not so far. I got the idea off those ‘extension kits’ you can buy, and i geuss if it wroks for them…

HELMET!!! geez…

Well… I don’t know, those branches don’t look very dangerous at all. Quite soft and bendy, in fact. :wink:

yes, but that ground looks a little bit hard. his choice though (:

Now let me get this straight - you’re suggesting helmets should be worn just in case you fall off??!!??

In my experience, wrist guards are 10X more important than helmets for Tall unis.

Edit: I’m not saying that helmets aren’t important. I’m just saying that in an hour of riding, I fall and bend my wrists back about 20 times, and only hit my head about twice.:wink:

Apologies, Callum. Massive threadjack off into the rough ground of helmet wearing.

Getting back on track…

The 3 wheeler looks great! How do you decide where the hubs go on the frame to ensure decent grip between wheels? How about tyre pressure?

bah, there we go. Tempted again. I think if my old uni survives my girlfriend learning (shouldn’t be a tough job - she’s tiny :)) then I shall make it into a two-wheeler. heheheheh.

Dude, spray paint the bottom two wheels and the lower frame green and film yourself on a greenscreen. then put the film in a greenscreen program and you’ll be flying!!!

So, would you call that a bike and a half?

no, see bikes have two wheels. three wheeled things are called trikes :smiley: specifically this is a triverticycle, at least that is what I think it should be called.:slight_smile:

now you can ride around and ask the bikers where their other wheel is :stuck_out_tongue: