Building your own Muni

Hi i have a standard 20" uni from at the moment + i’m ordering a new KH velo seat for it and prob a new muni type tyre and i’m thinking bout saving up for new pedals too, so bascially i wanna do up my whole uni how do i change my forks and cranks and bearing bascially the body of my uni (i’m a newbie please explain pretty simply!)


When I started on a Unicycle, I always replaced parts. I would break things and upgrade or replace them, or just try to make it better for the hell of it. In the end all my nice extra parts were still attached to the same cheap unicycle axle. The hub is an important part and it failed on me. I got sick of replacing parts so I decided to get a decent Unicycle that won’t break. I started saving. I rode my inferior unicycle to its demise, and luckily someone sold me a giraffe cheap which kept me going for a while. I rejuvenated my snapped unicycle by getting it rebuilt with another Unicycle axle. After patiently saving for ages I had enough for a Wilder 6160c and that seems to be what I was looking for. I thought the Max traction one you were saving up for looked good. You just need to be patient and be happy with what you have for the meanwhile. I don’t suggest trying to build a Muni out of Pip. You can chuck a BMX tire on there and ride it off road, but it is not going to behave the same as the 3" wide Municycles. It’s up to you of course, but I think for newbies it makes sense buying a complete cycle rather than odds and ends.

You want a new saddle, fork, pedals, and tire
(and the rim too, to fit muni tires?)

It’ll probably be cheaper to get a whole new uni.
all that’ll be left of the old one is the hub and maybe the cranks.


Soon you’ll be glad you have a freestyle, for learning cool new skills, and a MUni, for great riding off-road. It’s best to get the MUni before you ruin the freestyle; then you’ll have both.

My two cents.

Re: Building your own Muni

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 07:35:39 -0500, treepotato
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>bascially i wanna do up
>my whole uni

Not only would it be easier and probably cheaper to buy a complete
MUni (the UDC Max Traction that you mentioned is fine). But also, you
would end up having TWO unicycles that are very different and you can
put them to very different uses.

BTW Treepotato, did you receive the e-mail I sent to your e-mail address about a week ago?

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