building unicycles

i have a 24 inch generic uni and i want to create a custom unicycle fer long distance riding, i was wondering if there was any recommended reading/ tutorials on custom building unis. i know crank size bearing and yoke size effects ur ride and i want it to be clost to perfect and im sure theres many other things to “adjust your ride”
any help is helpfull… :astonished: is a useful site for getting parts. You’ll want a bigger wheel for long distance riding. It takes a lot of pedaling to go far on a 24".

There’s some information about unicycle parts here:

Try posting specific questions in rec.sports.unicycling. That’s where a lot of people congregate. You’ll get more answers in there.

Here is a blog I found.

Thanks thats an awesome article cant believe you located it

I’ve seen that article pop up here before.

The distinction between building and assembling your own unicycle is a bit hazy, which one do you want?

assembling most likely since i dont have a machine shop :smiley: but eventually building, but i could build a few parts i really just want to mix match parts and find a high speed effiecient uni