Building Trial's objects

I am getting a trials uni in three months and thought it would be a good idea to have some objects (or whatever you guys call them) to learn to ride on. ie. a wooden box, a pole. Does anybody have any other suggestions of what I could build and how to build it, maybe a diagram would be helpful.

Thanks a lot


You don’t even have to build obstacles if you live anywher near a city or town. I live in a small town and I just go downtown and jump around on everything I can.

But, for practicing sometimes it’s nice to have things at home you can use so the whole world doens’t watch you fall 18 times in a row while you learn how to do something in the middle of the downtown shopping centre.

A lot of people like sandwich boards, but don’t ask me what they are…

I personally like stairs. Stairs are amazing. You can hop up them one step at a time to get better at hopping and stuff, or you can jump down them all at once. People love that if you do it downtown. I just love downtown.

But that’s just what I do. :slight_smile:

The only thing you might be fairly interested in making is a wooden box. That’s all I think really is all around useful without out going downtown. Go off of it, up it, pedal grab it, and all sorts of little tidbits. But downtown is funner. heh



I think you’ll really love both building and riding on trials obstacles. Here at home I’ve got a pile of bits of wood of many sizes and some bricks and big thick sleepers, and things like that. I think firstly, you need to gather up a collection like this. Oh yeh, don’t forget a ladder and milk crates to raise the bits of wood above the ground. I’ll tell you about a few specific things too.

Sandwich Boards - These are really fun to jump onto and do stillstands on and so on. They’re also really easy to build. Instead of explaining to you here how to make them I’ll just give you a link to one of my threads that has a photo of the simple one I made thanks to the help of other unicyclists from

Here’s the link -

Hopefully that’ll work. If not, just search for ‘sandwich boards for trials’.

Actually, I won’t tell you about any more in depth. Try going to my album (see my signature…it’s the link that’s all multi-coloured) and looking at the photos and videos. If you have any questions about those, please ask. I love trials because it allows you to be really creative.

Good luck,