building trials and north shore type structures

Has anyone got experience or ideas on how to build north shore type structures or good trials objects?

I am thinking of building some in my back yard but don’t have any ideas on how to go about it. Also it would be cool to build a versitile but semi portable structure you could easily dismantle and put in a car.

We have been asked to do a unicycle trials demo at the NZ x games and it would be good to have some objects down there we’ve practiced on and know can be ridden rather than just turning up hoping there is something suitable for unicycles.

uhhhh get pallets… lots of pallets, build some boxes, nail down some metal rims on the edges so you can grind, beams, teeter totters sandwich boards look em up on the wobbling uniyclcist website (i can;t remeber the url)

Use a ladder, especially a nice long one. You can see how in the picture. Then you can either hop between the steps or on the steps…it’s really fun.

Here it is