building something to hop up :S

has anybody got a way i can build something to hop up and down and around in my garden, my uni isnt at a great level but i want to do some basic trials

so maybe just a box or two that i can hop between and stuff, ive got no idea how to go abotu getting materials and stuff though, preferably not too expensive as im only 14 and dont have much money to play around with :smiley:

Pallets are what you are looking for. They’re usually free. I got mine from a free wood pile in town. Just stack 'em up and you have yourself a trials course.:smiley:

Pallets, strong planks of wood and make it reinforced/supported somehow. Then you can have something like this. :smiley:

i use pallets mostly. tires can be fun

AHH thats awesome, who’s course is that? the surface is so flat, I’d love that course.