Building My Own Uni

Hey everyone, I am an old uni rider from way back (70s) and the bug has bit me to get back on again. Bit older now and need the excercise. Have been looking around at all the different makes and models out there. Way back when it was a Schwinn 24". I decided to build my own. I have started out with a used Yamaha R5 rear tire and wheel and have built from there. Kind of desiging and building as I go on. I think I am to old for the trials riding or freestyle, tho I would like to try both. So I am going for the cool factor. Will post more as the project progresses. Sorry about the sideways first picture. Not to sure how to change it. Steve-O

Sounds rather cool :smiley: good luck with it (:

nice job, will be interested to see the rest of the build

Can’t wait to see this bad @$$ uni

Make your own

Sounds HEAVY, Looks COOL!

you’ll have to post the weight when its finished. Looks like a cool uni.:smiley: Also Is it isis or splined or square? In the pic it looks isis but Im not sure.

It is going to be a bit heavy. I am guessing 30 pounds or so. But I figure its more for straight line riding. Right now I am going to use the cranks off my old Schwinn only because I have them and the seat. I will have to get a seat post to fit it. Should be a head turner. Steve-O

Head turner

I hope it’s a wheel turner too.

One suggestion. Be lazy like me and use already awsome premade bike pieces cut off the frame, (seat post, clamps, mounts, bearing holders, etc…)

Welding it together looks well within your range, be inventive steal ideas and great looks.



I like your ideas. Having a hard time finding steel tube that is the right diameter. Gotta go out and hunt up some old bikes. Are thoes unicycles you made? Very cool. Like OCC Choppers, I may go with a theme cycle.

You may need to take this one to the track to eliminate chicken strips:D.

I recommend you use the LONGEST cranks you can get, to power that weight at least initially.

I’m also concerned that it could really get away from you going down hill, so you might want to consider some kind of brakes.

how’s it coming?

Thanks for the info Billy. The second picture is where I am at to date. Need a cross piece on top of the bars to hold the seat post and then mount the cranks. Thought about a brake. It did come with a brake rotor when I bought it, but was unsure where I was going at that time. Where I live it is pretty flat anyway. Happy with the resopnce I am getting. Was not sure what people would think about it. Thanks Everyone. Steve-O

The old Schwinn probably had 140s on it, those should be fine for a cruising cycle. And he’s in Florida; no hills. :slight_smile:

the first thing i thought of was “Whoa, Heavy”

the second thing i thought of was Marty McFly from Back to the Future (“Whoa, Heavy” is what he says when he’s surprised)

anyway, good luck.

I actually like the way that heavy wheels ride, and it will be more effective strength training that way. Also, there is no reason that age should prevent you from trying freestyle. Your new uni would be a hoot to learn wheel walking on and one could even fit both feet side by side. :sunglasses:

Is there something wrong with gravity in the future?

Latest Update: I have everything tack welded and the cranks and all installed. I hope to have some pictures tomorrow. As of today it weights 35 pounds, which is not to bad. I figured it was going to weight more than that.
I was not able to try it out as the the collers that hold the shaft are slipping. So I need to dimple the shaft a bit. Keep checking for updated pictures.

Latest Pictures: I was able to get it all together and snap a couple pictures.
As I posted yesterday, it is 35 pounds. I still need to dimple the shaft for the set screws. Tried to get on it and the shaft spins even tho I have it tightened as much as I can. Still have some grinding to do on the welds and some bondo work to smooth everthing all out. Not sure about the paint. Kind of has that " Mad Max" look about it. Any suggestions on the paint?

That looks AWESOME!! btw, nice stand. I would clear coat it.

It’s like a super-burly version of the DM Vortex! :slight_smile: