building Giraffe unicycle booklet

This is a book my dad bought, has anyone else seen it, it tells how to make a really nice giraffe for 40-50 bucks.

Is it a good book? I’ll be getting it in the mail either tomarrow, or today. Has anyone every used them.

cannot wait to build it, I bought it from this website.

i’ll be using this for the one wheeled bike/giraffe, giraffe we will start working on it when it comes in.

i think that there is another thread about this book, just might be on the second or 3rd page though…

ah nvm thats a review on building unicycles and artistic bicycles…

and their are us other people who build full on >$300 custom trials giraffes and don’t even consider buying an instruction booklet. not that we would if we knew about one

Yes there was thread about this book ages ago. I remeber looking through it then and being impressed by the stuff in it. A giraffe is simple enough that you might have got away without needing the book, but I guess having exact dimensions etc. will save you time messing around deciding on dimensions and getting stuff to fit. Good luck with your project!

my school has the big like 250 page atomic zombie book, and i think it’s absoloutely fantastic.

yea its like 332 pages or something in the 330’s.
my dad changed the shipping to ground so i’ll have it in a week. We were going to build one without it, but now we can try the bull wheel (half of a bike) and the giraffe in a shorter time.

All of those look REALLY awesome!