Building from the ground up

Ok, So I’ve been an avid cyclist for several years, I have completed several century rides… I ride road and cyclocross. Recently I was browsing through Surly’s web page ( I ride a cross-check most of the time) and encountered their uni. I decided at that moment that I wanted a uni for myself.

After doing some preliminary research, I’ve decided that the surly uni isn’t a good started, however, I think I’d like to build my own uni. I’ve been looking around on the web, and I think that It’s going to be cheapest to build everything myself. There are some Kris Holm hubs that look promising, but I have several questions about them.

Basically, I need the hub and a 36 spoke rim, but I’m lost beyond that. Can I get a mountain bike rim? What size is appropriate for a newbie? I was thinking I’d build up a 24 inch wheel and toss some fat tires on there.

Then what about frames? I haven’t been able to find many frames individually available. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. Note: I work in a cycling shop, which means that if I can get my stuff from one of our dealers (QBP and J&B primarily) then I get it at cost, or +/- 50% of retail.

So, uh… any experts want to give me some advice?

I’m no expert but…Since you get a bike shop discount, it is going to be hard to beat the deal you can get by ordering a complete Uni. You can get a KH from Quality close to the price the public pays for a Nimbus. By the time you order all the spokes, rim, rim strips, nipples, and hub, you might find it cheaper just to order a wheel from UDC. If you still just have to build one, check Bedford, or UDC they sell frames. Your bike shop discount prolly want get you much at either of them, so once again, by a KH.

once again I am no expert but I might suggest waiting until your bike shop stocks the 08 Kris Holm unis as they have a lot of improvements over last years.:slight_smile:

Try you should find everything you need.:slight_smile:

lool, i guess it might be cheaper, but Ireally do want to build it from scratch. Bedford and UDC seem like good places to look.Thanks for the advice!

So you want a 36" unicycle?

If so then I just suggest getting a KH36. They are amazing. Maybe upgrade the pedals if you don’t like the stock ones and you are set. I would get the dual drilled 150mm and 125mm cranks with it (although 125 are still pretty long once you start doing real distance stuff).

Kris makes really nice, quality stuff. You definitely get the most bang for the buck with his unis, and the bang they have is huge.

another nice little upgrade you could to would be a salsa quick release instead of the double clamp.

No, I don’t think that I’‘m going for 36’ UNI.I was just wondering if it matters what rim I get… would a 24’ rim and tire intended for a mountain bike be adequate?

I don’t have anything to back it up, but unless it is double walled I would think that having all your weight over a wheel not built for it would cause serious stress. Also your probably going to want to look for a rim around 47mm wide. If you can get that in MTB Rims more power to you.