Building and riding a 29" geared unicycle

I’ve moved the Schlumpf hub from a KH 26 and put it in a 29". Made a video of the build and test ride. Haven’t been riding a guni since spring 2013.

Nice video with a sens of humor, as always.
Riding guni on a nearly frozen floor, you’re brave!

Did you enjoy this come back to guni?

Thank’s. I’ll write a few words about it in the Schlumpf thread.

New Projects

Hi Unimyra, I see you doin a lot of new projects (halfbike, freewheel, guni). But what is your hatchet doin, collecting dust?

I alternate 50/50 between the Oracle 26 and the Hatchet, when I ride muni. This summer I have mainly ridden my 36’er though. Gone back to the roots so to speak. I have a fat studded tyre for the Hatchet, so if we get a good winter here, I’ll ride it then.

So I wish me a hatchet video in deep snow for christmas :slight_smile:

Am I the only one to have “Wowed!” to the fact that you did it all in the kitchen?.. A tremendously fabulous wife you have!:smile:

Yes, she’s a keeper.

She is a keeper alright. I have met your wife and your two daughters and it is unbelievable what your ladies have to put up with :slight_smile:.
Awesome video!



I built my G29 on the sofa… luckily my mum was on holiday :smiley:

Maybe you’re right. Today I tried to bleed a brake, and things didn’t exactly go as planned. I got brake fluid all over the kitchen floor, both of what was already in the cable and what I was trying to inject. Wife walked by and said in her normal calm voice: “You really need a hobby room”. I finally got the last ml’s of mineral oil into the brake cable. Hope it works…

If not, I read on the magura hs11 manual that you can use vegetable oil temporarily (which to me means it’s fine permanently) if you have to re-bleed them without any mineral oil to hand. That gives all the more reason to bleed them in the kitchen :wink: