Building a Unicycle

I’m thinking of odering a complete custom unicycle, as you might of heard in the hub and crank thread I made. I was just wondering what tools are need to put custom parts together. Right now I’m looking at Bulletproof alloy platform pedals, Kris Holm saddle, Arrow Racing Trials Wheelset with Profile Hub and Crank Arms, and the frame I havn’t decided yet, maybe the Yuni Frame w/Gloss Black finish or the Kris Holm 20-inch Trials Frame.

[B]So what tools would I need to put this together or take it apart?

Will all those parts fit together?

Is there anything I’ve missed that I’d need for a unicycle, I have this gut feeling that there’s somthing I’ve simply forgoten?[/B]

Thanks in advance guys, I know you’ll help me out.


add a seat post and a seat post clamp and you’ll be able to sit on the seat when you ride.

Also, does the wheelset come with bearings? make sure that you check to make sure that the bearings work with whatever frame you decide to use… shims work well if the bearing is too small, but if it’s too large, that takes another approach.

Ok, it says this, on the Yuni frame.

Seat tube: 22.2-mm (7/8-inch) inside diameter
Includes Primo Viking 2-bolt seat post clamp, black bearing brackets and chrome bolts/washers/nuts.

What seat post will work with that, the viking clamp and the kris holm saddle?

Hey hey hey…

That says it fits the frame and it seems to fit the requirements for the Kris Holm seat. So I think that’s the last thing I need hey? Tell me if there’s something else.

But on to the other question:

So what tools would I need to put this together or take it apart?

For the most part allen wrenches of various sizes. Allen wrenches to:
attach the wheel to the frame, attach the seatpost, im guessing to put the cranks on the hub.

If you get the hub and rim seperately you will need to put the spokes on. This may be better to have done at a bikeshop, unless you know how. Pedals require a fairly large wrench.

Hex wrench to attach the seat to the post.

I can’t think of anything else.

Edit: IKH use 27.2 mm seatposts. And they connect the way Viscount do. NOT like miyata. Miyata holes are farther apart. KH are close together, almost in a square. Oh, good luck finding one. I was not able to. The only thing you could do is buy…

Or you could get a 22.2 seat post with a shim.

Gary’s got those seatposts to fit a Yuni-sized frame with a KH seat. Custom unicycle…that sounds expensive…I told you you’d give in to your urges soon enough! :slight_smile:


my seatpost (given to me for free) by the kind guys at UK fits the KH seat fine and my nimbus frame which i think is a 22.

as for the tools, like rayden said, its a size 14 spanner for the pedals, and a size 10 spanner or socket for my bearing housings and saddle fixtures.
im not aware of how splined cranks fit but do you need a tool for those aswell, like you need a socket for crank nuts on a tapered axle

Yeah andrew, it’s very expensive. I’m not definately gonna buy it, but I’m having a long hard look. I got money in the bank currently. But I’m wondering if I should use it. It’s like the ones you sell, except it comes with profile cranks with the life-time warantee and all, so it means I can use these cranks on any uni I decide to get from now (i’ll make sure they fit with it) and if they ever break, I’ll get some new ones. I’d just feel alot safer doing larger drops knowing I won’t have to worry about forking out another $300 for ones that will just break again. Also I think some of the other parts might be a bit stronger. I think I need to have a bit of a talk with you to see if the parts I’m looking at are better than the ones you’re selling on the GP trials. It’s similar, but yeah I think it suits me personally a bit more. Yellow pedals!

Oh yeah, I was also just worried about getting cranks off. We can’t seem to get them off my friends unicycle. Do they just pull off or do you need a tool? (This was the tool I was talking about for getting things on and off)

to get cotterless (square taper) cranks off, you need a crank remover from any bike shop.

To get profile cranks off, I think you need a three pronged bearing puller from, or if you’re lucky from a car parts shop.

I think some of the newer splined cranksets have self extracting bolts, which means you just need a big allen key to take the cranks off.


Does anyone know for sure how you get profile cranks off? I just want to be really sure if I’m going to get them. Also do you need a tool to put them on or would they just push on?

I don’t have any experience with this type of cranks, mine are cotterless right now.

Thanks in advance!

I dont’ know about profile, except I know they don’t slide off. The KH slide right off. You need nothing but an allen wrench.

sorry, not trying to hijack the thread but, ive never got round to buying a carnk extractor and usually just hammer off my cranks (cotterless) is this bad for my cranks or hub, anyone?

How do you hammer them off?

I always use a crank puller cos it seems like the least damaging way to do it.

But, I’m sure the day will come when the threads go and it’d be useful to know how to hammer them off when it happens.

lay it on a work bench and have a punch/flat head chisel of some sort going through the wheel and toching the back of the crank in question, and simply one or two BIG hits witha mallet, ive used a normal chisel before come to think of it and it just left some slight marks in the back of my crank, some times i use a bit of wood between them aswell, depends whats lying around…



Hate to be a nag, but this is what I really need to know!

Does anyone know for sure how you get profile cranks off? I just want to be really sure if I’m going to get them. Also do you need a tool to put them on or would they just push on?

i dont know if it will tell you everything you need to know but check out rogers recent thread about splined cranks,hes updated the UK FAQ page about splined crank maintainence and assembly, and there is a section on assembling each of the different brands including profile

the thread is here