Building a trials course

Ite boys and girls

I have just got my hands on 30/35 pallets and 3 cabel drums(all free lucky me) and i will be adding to this, i was wondering if anyone has got any pictures or plans or tips and ideas for building a trials course out of this sort of stuff, i also have lots of scrap wood for skinnys n such.

any suggestions

cheers Lucas

dang. i wish my parents would let me set up a big trials course at my house.

just be creative man.

Use pallets as bases to hop onto other stuff. Make smaller platforms too (out of scrap wood) because they are a challange. If you want to design it for yourself, build most of it within your abilities. Put some things that you think are too big though, 'cause you will get them eventually!

For starters stack up some pallets so you can go from one to three to six or something like this:
___ ___
___ ___

Then throw in skinnies and whatever you want inbetween stacks of pallets. It will get you started. Be creative!

Search thread title “trials obstacle ideas” or something like that. The A frame pallet design would work great if you have that many pallets. Gives it more of a vareity.

EDIT never mind.

Hi Lucas!
Good job on getting all of those pallets! Where did you get them?

It’s fun to turn pallets upside down and use the 3 planks to do some precision gapping.

If you’ve got any strong planks you can make little ramps. They’re quite fun and there’s a lot you can do with them.

Get some tyres too! They’re awsome! :smiley:

You could get a strip of stainless steel and glue or screw it to some pallets to do some grinding.


or you can watch this video and get some great ideas

Awesome, i would reccomend building 1 smaller platform to a bigger platform and so on.

watch some of the vids seager and i made in our garage.don’t worry, it’s a huge place, but stacks and skinnies are good.

Cheers Guys, will bear all that in mind and post a vid or pics when its done n ive riden it. yeh tractor tires are the thing i forgot bolox! i wanted them most.

theres this pallet place down the road and hes closing down so i just asked him how much pallets are and he said how many do you want n i said lots n he said well you can have that lot, hes a very friendly bloke.

Luck (z0r) !
There’s 1million and 1 pallet factories around the Industrial parts of Sheffield but they’re all “£5 a pallet” :roll_eyes: .

I’ll have to keep an eye out for closing-down businesses.

Where did all the pallets from the BUC come from? Did they cost?

Where is a good place to find pallets anyhow? Apart from abandoned ones lying in roads…

Sorry for thread-jacking :frowning:

I need to get my hand on some extra metal, rails, pipes, pallets, mainly the plastic kind (they dont break when I jump on them) and lots of logs and other stuff.

I have a alley behind my house, that is never used, cause there was never a road built there, its just a big long area of dirt and some stumps, you cant drive though it at all, but I want to use that for a course.

Go to stores, and ask if they have any they can give away, they usually do, or go to a construction site, they have lots of stuff they dont want anymore.

Yeah, ive never thought of that but go to a construction site they would have many things they dont want, you could use for a Trials Course.

Check out nearby farms, occasionally they may have a few hiding in the brambles from years ago…
edit - I was referring to the tyres…

We got few cable drums and quite a many pallets with my friends too. And here´s few pics what we made. It´s nothing special but maybe you can get some ideas from it.

make some stuff you know you can’t do right now. i did it today and it gives you something to challenge yourself with

along with making some stuff you can’t do still make some stuff you can do

Cool I got an animal feed store right across the road from my house I’ve made some awsome trials set ups with the pallets old tractor tires big wire spools and old barrels. I like making big drops and places for crank climbs ect.

use your imagination… does anyone on this site have one anymore?

Some pallets are made of cheap wood and will break rather quickly. To extend the life of your pallets, put one or two 2x4s inbetween the slats and screw / nail in in place to reinforce the flimsy wood. You could also disassemble one pallet for the materials to reinforce a few others.

are pallets expensive to buy?