Building a Muni

So Ive decided before I go out to camp for the summer and evntually make my way up to BC I need a Muni.

Heres what I was thinking

Bedford 3" frame with braised on brake bosses
170 or 175 Profile Crankset and hub
Alex 32 rim
DT Swiss spokes
24" Gazz tire w/ downhill tube
Maggie H-33 hydrolic brakes
CF seat base and air seat conversion kit
Roach cover
Kingport handle and rear bumper
Kingport Rail Adapter
Primo The Rod seat post

I havent decided on pedals but If I can get the sealed Wellgo b-27 (?) cheap I’ll probably do that.

Besides sounds expencive what do you guys think?

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Sounds awesome! Very similar to my MUni, except yours will have brakes and a CF seat. I’ve been nothing but pleased with my Bedford frame, Profiles and Alex rim.

Oh, and yeah, sounds expensive as well :).

Good luck man,

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I need to get a MUni too. I’m thinking of going to bedford and asking darren himself what I should do. I was woundering how much the uni Checkernuts described would be? Also how much would your cost?


I think I should be able to get the uni I described for under $700US but thats with my discount at my sponcering bike shop.


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My MUni:

  • 24" Alex DX32 rim
  • Profile hub/145mm cranks
  • 24x2.60" V-Stout tire (only 1/8" narrower than the Gazz)
  • pedals I had from before
  • Bedford 26x3" frame
  • Miyata seat and post
  • IRC DH tube
  • 3-bolt seat clamp

= approx. $860 CAD

I bet you wont want the 175’s, most likely 65 or 70’s. at least that’s what I’v beeen hearing lately.

I actually prefer my 145mm Profiles to 170mm ones these days. I’ve adjusted to them now and I’ve found I still get enough torque but don’t have to move my legs as far.


So are the 145mm profiles the secret of you managing to keep up the speed on that 24hr race then, or were you riding that on 170s?


I dont really are about having to move my legs alot to go fast. I’m gonna get 170’s. I also like Trials alot and that extra leverage goes a long ways when your hopping arround on rocks, and going up steep hills.



I did the 24hr with 145mm Profiles. I don’t have any other cranks.


I some how forgot about the KH24" maybe I’ll just get that… it would be alot cheaper.


KH crankx dont come in chrome…you deserve Profiles my friend…

That is true,

My big draw to the Kris Holm 24" uni is the frame. It can take a wider diameter seat tube, and also has brake bosses already on it. The 3rd factor is the price much less than the other uni I mentioned.


yeah,surrounding a $400 dollar wheel with a forty dollar frame is kind of could buy the Kh frame for $210 or whatever but that might break the bank.i was told that will have shims soon to make that 42mm bearing cap diameter smaller for use with Profiles.

I think Darren Bedford has some 24" frames with dedicated magura mounts brazed on and some with brake bosses on. Check him out.

The 160s work out wonderfully for an Urban Assault machine.
I’ll find out this weekend how well they cross over for MUni. :slight_smile:

I’m running the 170s that came with my KH24 at the moment.
I am considering moving to 140s though to go faster…it is a pain in the butt having to pedal like crazy to go fast.

But lets not get carried away on crank size - there are already many, many posts on this subject…