building a freestyle uni ?

I’m going to start buying parts and build me a real nice freestyle/flat land uni. What should I look for, I’m 6’1" 260# big size 13 shoes. I want high end stuff, but not titanium or carbon fibre high end.

crank arms? length?
rim? what size?
spoke? 32 or 48?
tire? what size? I love my animal asm

for the crank size id go for a longer size, maybe 140mm? that’d give you more control over the wheel. as for cranks themselves, KH moments with rollos and grip tape.

id recommend the Impact Reagent frame.

for the hub, personally i would go for an ISIS splined hub, its that much stronger for a bit more money. 36 spoke.

A 20" rim would be the way to go, but as i ride trials, and don’t have much knowlegde in 20" rims, im gonna say go for a 19" trials rim, a Nimbus one and just shave down Try-all/monty/maxxis CC/whatever for the tyre.

Seat? whatever you find comfortable.

thats just my opininons though…


I’d go with 100mm!

TheJoker, that’s not a freestyle uni, that be a trials/street uni…

Frame: I’d recomend 400mm, 500mm if your heights in your legs.
Cranks: 100mm Isis - If you’re too use to longer cranks, maybe 114mm
Wheel: 20"!, 20"!, 20"!!!

Tyre: I use a white kikzumbut, but that wheres down a bit too quick, I’m on my 4th tyre after only a year of freestyle. I#m thinking of getting one of these

Spoke: 48

Seat: Just have a handle ^^
Frame: Square sholders!!! Don’t get shoulders like this

woops :smiley:

I would just go with a nimbus X and upgrade the cranks to some 100mm or 90 even. But I’m bias because I think that’s my next uni : P

he’s runnin’ some really short cranks here O__O

Edit: yes, that is a KH he is using. not a nimbus X : )

That’s actually a Koxx One Signature.

The Nimbus X is probably the best choice right now. My only complaint is that the seat tube flexes a bit when hopping on the wheel with poor technique.

In April Kris Holm is coming out with a 47mm 20" rim and will sell a flatland specific uni with it. This should also do well for freestyle. I would recommend waiting for that unless you don’t have anything to ride currently.

try miyata. they got some good stuff when it comes to freestyle (in my opnion anyways)
or talk to darren bedford, he could hook you up with some good stuff for it too.
and i agree go foro shorter cranks and a long neck frame.

aww : ( really? what’s the distinguishing feature? I thought it looked like a KH stripped frame from the shot at the beginning.

Koxx-one Signature comes with 400mm and 500mm neck, KH’s comes only with 300mm(for the longneck). K-1 Signature is made for Freestyle wheels. Apart from that there’s no difference you can see in the video.

He’s riding 60mm cranks from Miyata:)

good eye, good eye. O.o never would have caught that. . .

Thanks for the crank info Jaco. I didn’t know anyone made 60mm cranks.

I didn’t:p

You can see that the crown is squarer and droops slightly down at the neck, the legs taper flat at the bottom, and most noticeably the bearing holders on the Signature are like blocks while the KH has more of an arch.