Building a BC?

I want to make some BC platforms for a wheel I have(currently using pegs), but I have no clue what size, shape, or thickness of metal to use. There seems to be quite a few designs out there, but I haven’t been able to see one up close. How much lower than the hub should the plates be, plus how wide and how long?

Search the forums, there is a whole thread about different measurements of all the plates.

I have searched the forums, haven’t found anything with measurements yet. There are 243 threads that come up when I type in anything that contains BC wheel, that’s quite a bit to go through. I have looked at a lot of them.

Does anyone know what threads talk about this? If not, please help, I am not looking for specific measurements, just a general Idea of what works best.

Here you go.

If it dosnt break, itl work. exparement with it, if you can use a mill, make some fairly thick plates, and mill off some metal if they seem over kill.

Hey thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Sweetness