building a BC wheel

so does anyone have pictures of their own custom bc wheels and can some people post those pics thanks

I seem to remember posting the pics of my BC wheel and plates in a similar thread, created possibly by you or someone else (duh). The issue with my style of BC plates is they are rather heavy and require a 30-60 ton ironworker for fabrication. Ask some local metalshops if they have an ironworker that they can teach you to use. They are very easy to use, and you can make a set of bc plates in 15 minutes, from first scribe to final cut with no prior experience on an ironworker. The only issue with an ironworker is they take off fingers and crush hands and other limbs without missing a beat, so you should be careful, as with any machine tools. To give an idea of the power of the one I use, it sheared a 3/4" high carbon steel plate in less than 1 second. For the BC plates, though any ironworker that can shear and bend 3/8" plate should be good. Aluminum doesn’t shear or bend well, so don’t use it. Stainless is hard on and can break the blades on an ironworker’s shear, and is also expensive and overkill for a bc wheel. I reccomend high carbon steel, although iron or mild steel will work.