Building a BC Wheel - Help!

Hi, today i bought a 20" wheel from my bike shop, hoping to make a bc wheel, it was only cheap as im only using it for a bit of fun. However i dont know what i can use for some plates, i’ve looked around and asked a few people, but im not quite sure what i can do.

Ill post some pictures of the wheel later.

Dinner plates.



You could buy some from Bedford…or make your own, if you know how to work metal.

B&Q have a look around, i got some brown angle brackets i think they were couple of quid for two, drilled the holes bigger to fit the axel, applied griptape to the base of them, jobs a good one. strong as feck. If not go into your technology department, show them a picture of what you want to make and point to the welder with a keen smile on your face :wink:

welding shop

just go at your local welding/iron woking shop and get them to cut you a
4*4 angle iron 4 or 5 inch long with a hole in it and you are all set fo cheaper
than the ones on internet( in a welder/iron worker):slight_smile:

Thats how I made mine and it works great

same here, but i sorta made mine WAY hardcore. they look forged. its sick. i cut a design out of the bottom of them with a cutting torch and drilled tons of holes in the back for my weight issue, then i bunnyhopped (like 2 feet first try!!!) and bent the axle so bad that the plates went like 1/8" from the spokes … bent it back, and rode it nicely, then i tried a 360, almost did it and bent the axle again. you want a 14mm axle if you can find one.

You could go to a welding shop and right out the demensions and get a picture of them. And they should be able to make some real nice ones.

go to the thread i stated and you can see pictures of the plates.

Just go to Lowes and you might find exactly what you are looking for!

pegs work, but its probably worth it to get plates…

dont use pegs its so hard to mount and all that.

If you plan to do anything at all on the BC wheel then you need plates, pegs don’t cut it.

My dad welded everything, but the axle was a 1/4th so it didnt work, it bent, though We after we make our giraffe (long term project) I’ll try another one with a 1/2 axle.