Building a 9 foot giraffe

I am NEW to the forums so I apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.
I have been riding Unicycles for 2 years and my friend let me ride his 6 foot unicycle and I was HOOKED on heights!
I want to build a homemade 9 foot giraffe but have NO clue what parts to buy, I will be welding it myself.

(I figured making it would be cheaper than having it custom made and I could always re-weld it to make it higher if I choose to do so)

Where should I start? What parts do I need?

I’d start by looking at’s giraffe parts section. It would also benefit you to use the search function and learn as much as possible about what makes a good giraffe. For example, know the difference between a track hub and a bolt-on hub.

It’s my opinion that Nimbus makes an excellent giraffe from top to bottom. Every part is well thought out. Read all the specs on their new one’s for a good start.

Good Luck!

Thank you sir, I have been doing some research.

Anybody else build a giraffe?

How much did it cost YOU?

Tall giraffes

I wonder if you plan on riding various terrain and any distance on your future giraffe? I’m asking because if you make a giraffe over 6 or 7 feet high, when you accidentally fall, or fall because you are learning a new trick or pushing the envelope, it could be very painful. When I have a UPD on my 6 footer I usually land on my feet and run it out, or sometimes tuck and roll as if I fell from a skateboard. Getting good at taking a fall comes in very handy. I don’t know your skill level, you may be an expert at all of this already, just trying to make useful suggestions.

I know what you mean about being hooked on giraffes, it’s still my favorite kind of uni, with my 36er quickly giving it a run for it’s money.

Definitely post some pics of your progress with your new build. Take it easy.

Just parking lots and streets.

I will definitely post pics of my progress when I begin to build it, need more money first.

consider buying the nimbus performer edition giraffe (the one that’s modular) and then some extensions for it. UDC will sell you extra chains as well, and then you can modify the height as you like while you’re getting comfortable. It comes as a five / seven foot. I’m not sure how tall it can go safely, but it’s a solid machine.

nine feet is where you start to get real danger of hurting yourself from a bad landing. I have a nine-foot performer giraffe and I feel it when I land, even with good technique.

they are out of stock of the nimbus performers, Where did you get YOUR 9 footer?