Building a 29er XC uni.

I’ve got the wheel and frame for a 29er but I still need to sort out a few things.

  1. Crank size. I need some guidance here. This is for XC, so im guessing that longish cranks will be better. Right now the wheel has 125mm cranks which are great for road but are a pain once you start climbing! So the question is: 150 or 175. Cranks are cheap though (square taper) so I may try both.

  2. Saddle. I’m not sure if I should get the KH freeride, or build an air seat. I’m sorta up in the air on it really. I do really want one of those handles that sticks out a bunch in front and uses bike grips. I don’t know where to get one though. Also, do rail adapters/posts make a big difference in comfortability?

Any input?

I think the Fusion Freeride is better than an air seat.

I can’t imaging running 175mm cranks on a 29er. I think 140-150mm is probably the best for XC; 125mm is feasible for a lot of terrain. I would probably lean towards 140mm if I were setting up a 29er specifically for XC.

I find climbing on the 125s is tough. im not sure if thats just me though…maybe ill take it out for another spin tonite.

It gets easier with more practice, although it remains hard on steep uphills. It depends to an extent on your terrain.

Don’t go longer than 150s. My 29er was my first bigwheel, and 125s felt short even on pavement, but now I ride some offroad with 125s on my N36. For what I typically call XC muni though, I love the 150s on my KH29.

I’d stay away from an airseat just because I love my fusion saddle, and because a broken air seat 5 miles from the car makes for a long hike.


Check out the T7 handle.
…and if you can find it a Reeder handle (I couldn’t find it at UDC UK, US, AUS, or NZ)

Phlegm, I concur, 175mm and it is no longer XC.

just repeating what everyone else has said really but yes 150’s are my favourite for XC on a 29er. 125’s are great on the flat but can be hard work on hills. Also on fairly flat but twisty singletrack I’ve found 125’s to be very hard work and not really any faster than 150’s.

Saddle wise i’d recommend the fusion freeride, its a great saddle and i use it on all my uni’s now.

Hey, someone caught the pun!

Yep, the Reeder is what I want. Too bad it isn’t available anymore.

Looks like 150s and a KH Freeride saddle. I’m still not sure about a rail adapter and the T7 looks a bit big.

No need to imagine, just try mine! :wink:

Unless you’re one of those who like the seat wildly angled, for comfort sake, I don’t think the rail adapter makes much of a difference. But being able to add a brake may be nice if you ever decide to ride down really steep trails.

…I don’t think the trails you ride qualify as “XC” !!

I like the T7 for touring, but I’d skip it for XC. Maybe you could get the KH hub and the dual drilled 150/125 cranks.