builders, and builder wannabes!

check this out, design your own parts, and have them built

Thank you!!! The only problem is, do they have an inspection process? I wouldn’t want to send them a complicated titanium cnc job, and then find out that it was completely botched. What’s cool, though, is that we could always just buy a set of plans from Steve Howard and then have these people machine it for us. Very cool.

An online machine shop is a very interesting idea. It would definately be worth a try at least.

BUY a set of plans from me? That’s not necessary … I’ll gladly provide drawings and/or CAD files for anything unicycle related that I’ve done. I consider everything that I’ve designed, built and written about here to be in the public domain.


Hey, if that’s the case, would you mind sending me a set of plans for the frame you were riding at moab (the one with built in magura brake holes)? I’m afraid that making one of your frames through this site will be a bit expensive, though… We’ll see.

My e-mail is onehweeler(at)


Hmmm, maybe it’s time we tried making one of these:


What, Steve won’t sell you a built one? Why go through a middle man? Steve, your not willing to trade cash for a frame? If not that is really dissapointing. I may want to buy something from you some day.

I wonder if they could make it. Even if they could, though who would pay for all the expense. Maybe we could start a fund or something for the research of geared Unicycles.

i was thinking, it would just be better to make cranks that adjust lengths, mostly for distance unicycles. and your design looks very hard to ride

I’d like to say that they are my design. OneWheelDave came up with the basic idea and the rest of us threw in some ideas of our own. Here is the original thread:

I like both designs and I’d like to see prototypes of each.

What comes to mind for me are one piece aluminum seat posts. I want to kick loose the boat anchor KH steel seat adapter. Do they have an oven, I wonder.

If only I had something I needed machining for…

I’ll have to go find something, just so I can use their service.

Wow… I wonder if they could make a titanium frame… If I ever get good… I think i’ll get a titanium frame… I’d have to be pretty good to think of spending that much money to increase hop height by like 3cm. I doubt it’ll ever happen, unless they become more of a standard thing.