Build your own Segway scooter

Perhaps not directly unicycle-related, but here’s an interesting article about building your own Segway scooter:

Re: Build your own Segway scooter

Thanks! Lots of good information.

I like the little two wheeled balancing robot. Cute little guy. Especially when it was knocked a bit harder than the motors/gearing could keep up.

Classic case of “built it in a weekend… plus 10 years of experience”

my gyroscope is in my head… :slight_smile:

I followed one of his links to a Roman Horseless Chariot based on a Segway. It has two Coker wheels. Coker is diversifying even further now.
Roman Horseless Chariot
Click on the first pair of pictures for the Coker wheeled version.

He claims it’s not truely horseless. In the bottom photo he shows his pair of “invisible” Egyptian mares that only appeared because they were sprinkled with pixie dust.

I’m sceptical. If those mares are pulling the chariot why aren’t they in harnesses? (The halters don’t qualify.) And who ever heard of a mare wearing sunglasss? It looks like a staged photo to me…


You obviously have know knowlege about the complexities of horseless chariots. Those mares are tied to the chariot with Imagination Cables. Obviously he didn’t use a fine enough quality of pixie dust otherwise you would be able to see those too.

Eitherway, I’m trying the Segway Guy’s idea for a cup holder. Did you see that?

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