Build Up - Coker Frame

I’m in the market to buy a coker and I generally like to buy just the parts and then assemble it (not sure why, its a fetish). But what i was wondering is if its possible to purchase just the regular ol’ plain jane Coker frame anywhere online instaed of the 600 dollar KH coker frame which is the only one that appears when you goto frames - commuter at Allright thats about it, i hope its attainable otherwise i may just be getting the refurbished. Thanks again to all those who decide to help, i love you all.


I think the only hope you have of getting a stock coker frame is if someone has upgraded to something else, and has one sitting around somewhere. Im not saying it wont happen, but seems unlikely. Otherwise theres Hunter frames, which I thought ran in the 350-400 range? Clearly not the range your looking for Either, I gather.

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For a modest $160 plus shipping (I think that’s still the going rate) Gus could build you a custom frame for your hieght, and you’d get brake bosses built in, not to mention your choice of frame color.

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There are several other options. You can get a frame made for you by one of several people for around the same price as the regular steel coker frame. George Barnes, Rick Hunter, and (Paul?) Wyganowski all make coker frames. The hunter is more expensive but each one is custom made to your specs. The Wyganowski is around the same price as a normal coker frame, but should be better. I am not sure about the GB4 frame.


when i was visiting the kind folks of the TCUC i has the chance to check out several of Gus’ Coker frames. Really nice piece of craftmanship, i’m currently saving to pick one up for the summer.

Re: Build Up - Coker Frame

Cole-- I’d be willing to sell (or trade something? for?) a stock,
chromed Coker frame. Contact me if interested
( --carl (North Dakota)

i will make u one.

yes yes i might only be 13 but i can weld and i would love to try.

i dont know where the berring holders would come from?

love to try

evan byrne

if i remember corredtly you can order the basic ones from otherwise you would need to get them machined.

i checked pretty much everywhere on and all i found was the KH coker frame…which though i realize its of excellent quality, is not necessarily practical for what id be using the coker for

Carl, i dropped you an email so…hope to hear from you soon, if that falls out im going to see how much a hunter or maybe one of Georges would be, if nothing else theres always just buying the full assembly.

Thanks again

You may want to just call and ask them if they have any plain Coker frames. In this case, I don’t think you gain anything by getting the frame separate from the wheel, especially if you are going to get the rebuilt Coker.

i love the hunter frames! but they are way way outta my price point in canadian dollers, especially after you factor in the cost of the rest of the coker comming out of the US.

Gus’ frames are what im currently eyeballin.

do you have any photos of gus frames? Or any idea of what they sell around.

I just found that in the UK has custom Coker frames, It would cost less than the 600 dollar KH coker frame, not by alot but still…

Coker Frame.

that is really cool! it has adjustable fork legs! you could even mash yoru frame down to accomidate a 29er from the coker.

i do have a picture of the frame gus rides but its obsured by the group of riders in the rest of the photo.

I dont have a pic handy at all either, sorry.