my wheel is buckled, but rideable. is it really inadviseable to ride a buckled wheel- what complications will arise from this?

i really don’t want to spend anymore on this 24" udc dodger until i get my new trials and i don’t think i’ll get it before i go to the BUC.

however the uni is my main mode of transport, so i just want to know how much extra i’m risking my neck by continuing to ride it. :thinking:

the only thing you risk (other than personal safety) is the already buckled wheel, if it’s rideable, ride it with caution, don’t take it over the slightest of bumps, and it may last until you replace it. Even a twist or a turn may be it’s demise

thanks! well i’m about to ride it off to work in a wee while, sor i’ll bear this in mind.

i really really really want my new trials. i think my uni wants me to get it too so i can quit riding it so hard.

is the rim actually buckled or is it bent just enough to clear? … cuz you can usually get the rim straightened at your local bikeshop for fairly cheap

Can I just say how nice it is to see the word “buckled” instead of “taco’d”?

I’m sure Miss Ayerley would approve.