BUC7 the show

The show , where should I start.

The BUC show doesn’t import top name acts and pay them mega bucks, its a home
grown show, with contributions from those atending the convention who feel
they wish to take part. This year there was every thing from Peter Climbing
the Great wall of China, to Young John and his diabolo routine. The ever
popular Jamie juggled and Giraffed, Tim compared with style and a few nifty
devil stick Tricks.

We had two free style offerings this year, Roger and Kayliegh had a bad time
with their CD skipping about all over the shop, they coudn’t hear their cues and
it was a bit of a disaster. Stu and Helen on the other time had a good time,
this was the first time I’ve seen them work together and it was a real snappy
routine, very polished and well worked out to suit the music and the riders. The
CD behaved for them which was just as well as their sychronised zig zaging would
never have worked other wise. It looks like free style may be growing in
popularity in the UK…

The fancy dress was won by Little Paul with the big kit bag, who came dressed as
a juggler. Paul and I made our BUC show debut as well, with a short act that was
definatly not freestyle. We , inspired by Kris Holm and the Universe vid showed
the future of Mountain Uni, a time when E3 routes are attemped . Paul while
being belayed by myself tried out the dificult “stage face direct” route, with a
little bit od skipping on the way, finishing with a tricky mantle shelf move and
a final bunny hop to the summit. I guess you had to be there:-)

As usual the show was greatly enjoyed. Thank you Tim for putting it together and
compareing it too.

The night rounded off with fre time in the hall and some funky music playing,
with just a little bit of folk danceing coz the music told us to.