Well heres my rundown of memorable moments from the weekend…

Friday - arriving early and finding there were still beds avalible in the dorm,
and they looked comfy. Catching up with gossip as people arrived. Going on a pub
crawl that seemed to involve a LOT of riding up hill. But I made to the top with
out walking…which the guys in the pub had said was not possible. Seeing those
guys in the 2nd pub and watching their attempts on unis. Uni dancing with paul
late night in the hall to some great swing music.

Saturday - My home run in a game of Bulldog. Setting up a goal in hockey for
steve to just knock in the net. Learning to one foot idle with the wrong foot.
Chocolate Ice-cream. Cake. The most spectacular bad dismount I’ve ever done,
bad bruises, winded, bent saddle, ouch ( note to self- stop pratting about in
carparks doing tricks you can’t do ). Purple hair. Kayleigh and Leigh’s
artistic routine in the show. Claire and Rogers take on artistic routines in
the show. More Chocolate ice cream. More Cake. Uni dancing with Roger late
night in the hall.

Sunday - woke up very stiff following saturdays impact on carpark. Gentle warm
up ride along the sea wall to get every thing working again, on my own lovley
and peacefull with the sea lapping at the shore below me. Nightmare time trying
to get as many muniers amnd munis into as few cars as poss for a X-country trip
to Muni venue. Arriving at venue to find No one else there ( and we had set out
last) . Everyone else arriving having had to follow diversion signs en-route.
The veiws from the top of the hill on the slower Muni ride, they were fantastic
worth the effert of riding up hill. Antony producing biscuits from his backpack
at a rest stop. The ice creams back at the carpark. Winning a prize for Bulldog.
Winning the phote competion with a snap of Rocket falling over the finish line
at eurocycle. The best newcomer award going to kath and david, who were still
outside practising.

I had a great weekend and I have the bruises to prove it, next year I’ll try to
find a closer and easy to get to muni location.I still can’t skip but I can
wrong foot one foot rock and have learnt a few new dance moves. Cake is a good
thing, so is ice cream.