Been speaking to a few people over the last few weeks and no one seems to know whats going on with the BUC for next year - So I was just wondering if there we’re any concrete plans for location or dates yet?


Well having gone to BUC 2005, I can vouch for that fact that they’re an excellent weekend - it does help though if you know where it is you’re due to be going so that every one arrives at the same place :slight_smile: But once thats decided - go - I can’t recommend it highly enough…so <peers out into darknes> anyone out there no anything more?


almost sounds like Roland is volenteering to organise this years BUC, he is the founder of EMU’s and the recent EMU hockey tournament and organisors the weekly EMU hockey games. Also he sorts out random hockey game weeks, who could forget BIG WHEEL WEEK…

Nice one. Well done, Roland :smiley:

Before this goes any further no, no, no, no, no, no, no…

oh and did I mention no

Who ever does organise it will have one non-unicycling attendee as I have every intention of breaking Mr Parry’s legs at hockey tonight.

oh and for good measure - NO


What are you trying to say, Roland?

Really though, time is starting to run out… a host must be found!


I have no idea either.

AFAIK it does take more than one person to organise a BUC and if they have some experience in convention organisation all the better, any takers?

Any news of BUC 13 yet?


I was wondering this at work today… dunno why it crossed my mind… but time really is running out now!


I don’t want to steal anyones thunder, there is a plan for BUC next year. A venue has been found, and people have volunteered to organise it. I expect they’ll announce it shortly. It’ll be in the north, but not as far north as Billingham…


e suspense is killing me already.

at least someones got it in hand though

Billingham aint north to me!

This means even more travelling!

Damn there needs to be more unicyclists in Scotland!


You little tease.


Must remember to add “new unicycle” to my Xmas list…

(and practise a lot!)

I’ve been practicing.


Milton Keynes? Oxford? :smiley:


C’mon I’ve been patient all weekend. Where and when?


OK, I’ll give a couple more details. The proposal is to hold BUC2006 in Scarborough over the weekend of the 12th to 14th May 2006.

There will be all the usual things plus a few new or different things. The venue seems very equipped with places to ride. Should be a very good convention.

I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hurray. When can i pre-reg?:smiley: