BUC15 - Volunteers needed please

I would like to get the programme of events/workshops together for BUC but need please to offer to do/lead them.

So anyone willing to organise some events and workshops for us please? It can be unicycle or non-unicycle related, if you’re willing to teach it, I’ll try to fit you in.

Please can you either reply on here or send me a message.

Thank you


I would like to bump this thread by saying I can volunteer, but I can’t so I won’t…

I can run a basketball workshop and organise a few games if there is space.

I’m happy to help put the street course together and trials if it’s needed.

Yeah same as.
Is there stuff for a street and trials course organised?

Gonna PM you in a sec Jason.

I can do a IUF/UUU skill level testers workshop. and SOME skill level testing. BUT I’m not spending all weekend doing level tests.

Thanks Sarah, we’ll just put you down for an hour, don’t worry, you won’t be tied down all weekend :slight_smile:

Thanks for the other offers guys, will be a good help. There’s a good space for Basketball, and the trials course will be being built on the Friday, so anyone who can help please come along nice and early to get everything ready :slight_smile:


Im happy to get down early and help set up trials and street. I guess that will be hapening on the friday sometime?

I’m happy to put in an hour or so per day for general scivvying or whatever is needed.