BUC15 in 2008?

As people look forward to a definitely happening Unicon XV with a location and a range of dates, I realise it’s been six months since BUC14 in Billingham.

According to past evidence, BUC14 was speculated the July after BUC13, which in turn was speculated the July after BUC12.

But this year, there hasn’t been any speculation so far about next years BUC, not even a word from the Billingham crowd who hold the record for the most BUCs hosted there.

At the risk of a sentence involving a sharp metal tool, live wriggly things and a round silver container, does anyone have the slightest bit of rumour about where and when BUC15 will be held? Or is the deafening silence about it the result of something that I don’t know?

There is something in another thread from a few weeks ago (not sure which one) when Lucas W suggested it was going to be in Exeter (I think).

yeh basically without a venue, you can’t take any further steps to organising an event which makes if difficult for a new host i suppose i don’t know im not to clued up on the hole thing xxx

As yet we have no workable venue in exeter. I am not currently planning to run a BUC in exeter.

OK, it’s late in November Now, Has anything else happened about a BUC yet?

I’m wondering if there will actually be a BUC this year as some of the people I have spoken to recently don’t think that there will be.

Would be nice to have an idea if and when it would be so that time off work could be booked if needed.

Plumsie the Juggler

Would be cool (Get it?) if BUC was at a warmer time of year too.

There has to be, Who would be best to go to to encorage aranging it?

you? find a venue :stuck_out_tongue:

Brendan is in his own way quite right. Finding a venue is the hard bit. organising the event is not so bad. There is a big file of info held by Roger at unicycle.com writen by the team who have done 3 recent BUCs. There are people all over the country who will help out on teh weekend running games and comps. Any club or group COULD do BUC all they need is a suitable venue. If you don;t know what makes a suitable venue ask.