BUC15 caravan accomodation availability

There are a limited number of spaces available in caravans: please let me know ASAP (PM, email, phone, here, carrier pigeon) if you want a spot, and who with if applicable.

Most are 8-berth, there are twins, doubles & berths in the caravan living rooms. We’re trying to get a group discount so let me know by Monday 1st Sept.

Also let us know if you want a quiet, late-night or in-between caravan!

Information for campers will follow when registration is open (soon!).


I don’t approve of bumping threads, and would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that.

So we almost have two caravans full… Anyone else want cooking facilities and a duvet instead of a tent?

No, I don’t approve of bumping threads either, so won’t do it on this one.


Much appreciated, it’s a terrible practice that I wish people would refrain from.

I’d like a spot in a caravan, with anyone who doesn’t snore (sorry Alan).


Last year I just crashed in my car…

Hmm, better re-word that.

Last year I slept in my car, which was a lot more comfortable than the floor of the classroom that was offered.
Ok to do the same this year?

Car sleeping - You’re likely to have to book yourself onto a camping pitch to be able to use your car for that. I’m not really sure… but chances are they don’t approve of people using the car park for sleeping.

Camping pitch it is.