Cor, that was a good weekend!

I was going to wibble on for a bit here about the best bits[1] but it’s probably easier if I just have the link to the best of the photos and videos John and I took instead…



[1] Probably the Muni ride - I’ve never come across a downhill track on a ride before! Great fun.

Re: Buc10!

Both avis freeze at some (consistent) point when playing (also when downloaded) but the audio continues. :thinking:
Looks like a mighty fine weekend, otherwise.

Klaas Bil

Yeah, the weekend was great…
The weather was great too concidering the forcast. It took us (me and my dad, from Newcastle) 5 and a half hours to get there, and 4 coming back, due to road works.

But it was great…

And yes, my portable invisible chair is really hand. Please PM me and I can give you details if you want one…

I was also wearing my invisible helmet too…

I have got some of my pitures back, so they shall be on soon (ish)…


Re: Buc10!

> www.flippet.org/muni/buc10.html

Heaven help us if one of the school’s jobsworths see these photos, “I
don’t care if he can walk on water, that’s our bin he’s bouncing on!”.
The evidence of people doing stupid things is incontrovertible.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Arnold the Aardvark

PS: Our logo is copyrighted - billing address, please. :wink:

BUC 10 Pics.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend…

I have put my BUC pic put now CLICK HERE



Did i trick u?
I bet you were trying to click on the CLICK HERE which was just underlined… SORRY


The real link is here

Thanks, and sorry again.


A few more photos from BUC10 …


Leo White