This came second in the competition!

Street Yo!

That was a really small car?? :thinking:

I lol’ed. Several times.

hahaha! that was funny.

How have only 2 people commented? This video was immense. The acting and filming was unparalleled.

Cheeky, thats my car.

Or was it a really BIG unicyclist? :wink: ? Clever ay?
Hell yeah, no expense spared on this blockbuster Mike!

jumping the car was so cool!

wow that was amazing, how come it didnt win? you were robbed.
That geordie lad seems reet canny, like!

From where I was sitting at the BUC I couldn’t hear anything you said in the video.

You probably wouldn’t have been able to understand those crazy geordie and scots accents anyway :smiley:

Definitely a big unicyclist, HUGE!


Considering the big names in this video I was expecting atleast a little bit of awesome street riding. You guys film anything else?

Haha, sorry but no. The weekend was a bit of a washout and street and trials was cancelled. We only made the video because we were bored and didn’t really know what else to do :o

Having said that I did record some footage from BUC and a roadtrip that Joe Baxter and I went on afterwards. Gonna take me a long time to edit it, look out for it soon though. No awesome street riding im afraid :frowning:

Gah thats a shame. So how much riding did you guys actually do???

I think the most riding we did was to film this vid. lol.

Your kidding right…?? A gathering of riders without riding??? :astonished:

British conventions and meets are, shall we say, relaxed. :slight_smile:
I mainly go along to see mates and socialise. The riding is how I met some really cool people that are now some really good friends. Its nice to get together and chat, have fun and ride a bit if we feel like. It has been known for some people to not even get their uni out of the car at a convention. CoughBungleCough Haha.

Living in a country like the UK, riding is often governed by the weather, unfortunately, as the case often is, it rained all weekend and there were few dry places to ride. I’d challenge you to ride at BUC in conditions like that, it’s not exactly enjoyable which, at the end of the day, is why we all go to BUC.


I’m glad NZ gatherings are nothing like that :stuck_out_tongue:

A year on and this riding is still fresh. Has no one beaten Jas’ record of jumping over a car? This ain’t old school, this is vintage!