BUC Video - Friends

Here is my BUC video entry titled ‘Friends’. It came second in the video competition.




I liked the chicken suit :stuck_out_tongue:


Touching* I should say sorry. lol

So true. It’s the people you meet that makes this sport so awesome.

It was good.It gave me my unicycling spirit back.Thankyou :smiley:

Good to always have some buddies who like doing what you like doing as well. Forms a tribal bond.
Congrats on placing…

Thanks for the comments guys.
I have met some truley great people through unicycling and had some cool times. I wanted to reflect that in a video.


what the hell!? i just saw this post by the same guy in a different thread.
i have a feeling this guy is not a unicyclist-but a nerd…

o and good video by the way

Nice one Edd, That was good, Congrats on coming 2nd - Who came first this year?

Thanks Neil. Marcus came first, grrrrr! Lol, his was a good video though.

Different from your other videoes but yea realy liked it, realy good, like chris said, touching.

You guys are awesome, keep it up.

Sorry for double post, missed edit.

Sorry and uh thanks :o I would have been happy enough with second after you. Far more original, can see alot more thought went into it.

you met me too!!

Seriously, I love you dude!