BUC - Unicycle pub crawl??

I can’t wait for BUC tomorrow! I’ve had my thinking hat on, and realised that a unicycle pub crawl would be a helluva lot of fun. Has anyone done one before? How many pubs are there in Eastfield or whatever its called? Would anyone care to join me? How many pints can YOU unicycle on? (me - not very many:o )
See you all there!
BTW my hair isn’t green anymore :frowning:

They happened in Mostyn in 1999, 2000 & 2001 (the first 2 of those being BUC’s). I don’t think we ever got past 2 pubs, though. We just found a good one and drank it dry.

Maaaaan. Just as I was coming to terms with my inability to get to BUC you spring this!

At least Bilious will be happy.