BUC trials comp question

Hi All
Im considerin entering trials at BUC well i definetly will probs, but I was just wondering the standard I saw a vid on koxx one and it looked like joe b n yoggi etc were rippin it up,

is there a satndard division
are there any vids
Cheers Lucas

Lucas i goin for it. People have said its not that competitive. And the vid of Joe and yoggi, well, they are the best around.


Don’t worry about Joe B, Yoggi and Simon, they’re silly good, way better than everyone else.

Last year in the competition there was everything from people who had trouble hopping up 6 inches, to people doing 3 foot up pedal grabs and drops onto rails.

It’s sort of competitive, but everyone is there to ride and have fun, anyone can enter. The trials course is around all the time to play on too.


Hey Lucas, I’m entering too, we can’t expect to beat Joe or Simon (they’re just awesome), but if there’s enough of us lower level riders (like about 5) we can run small unofficial competitions while the course is open for practice. We could even mess about with the normal rules, so we choose a straightforward line and then the fastest person to clear it wins, something like that.


Sounds good I think ill enter the proper one just for a laugh aswell though

Go for it you will beat me prob. Ha :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol mike we can have our own private comp and make it extremely competitive with our lives riding on it lol


Dont worry about me! I havnt riden well in SO long, so am rather rusty. I havnt seen what kinda stuff you guys are doing nowdays, so I couldnt compare.

Anyways, yeah the comp will be a laugh. We will have rules (to follow shortly).In short, it will be much like last year, self judging, given a set amount of time etc. The course will be built up on the Friday, so if your there, come and help! The course will NOT be riden on until the comp. After the compitition anyone can ride it, just messing around etc.
Also note!!! All competitors MUST wear a minimum of a helmet and shinguards. Sorry if you dont usually, but you will have to if you want to take part! Its common sence really!

oh, and the winner will get the UUU Trials Shield :slight_smile:



I cant wait to see you ride, i have seen your videos…


wat vids i aint seen any and i have looked or am i being thick lol

Whatever, with Joe, Aaron & Simon is one of my favourite ever uni videos. Leigh showed it to me some time last year, before I’d met Joe or Simon for the first time at Darlington.



Anyone interested in Trials should enter. It’s always my favourite competition to watch, becuase not only do you get to see people like Joe, Si and Yoggi pushing themselves, but you get beginners trying too and i really like watching that as they have more guts than myself!

I wont be there this year so i hope someone takes lots of Video’s for me to see afterwards and Joe a nice fall on video would be good too :wink:

Nicely said Leigh :smiley:

and dont worry bout that :stuck_out_tongue: