BUC Pre-registration

Don’t forget, BUC preregistration ends this friday, so post it off today if you want to go to BUC for cheap.



just posted now :stuck_out_tongue:

Tryin’ to get leo to get up off his ass and fill in the forms is like trying to get blood from a stone!

I’ve posted mine a couple of weeks ago. Will then send anything in return?




I responded to your email before 11am on Monday. Your request was not a streight forward yes or no and took 3 emails to confirm this which were all done before that time… Sorry we can respond quicker than that when there are 3rd partied involved. You should have phoned when you didn’t get a reply, email is not always reliable.

I will email you again.



I’ll bring my statement saying i payed just ot make sure :smiley:

so what everyone doing for accommodation on the weekend?

Camping on site (hopefully they’ll let the trailer tent on)


Doh! Missed it. :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up Joe, I sent off our reg this morning 1st class. really odd to be filling in a form for 3 of us, and only one rider not the nrmall 2 riders.


i’ve missed it

still saving up for a blueberry. if i’ve enough cash nearer the time would it be possible for someone from UDC to bring one to the BUC?

Roger from UCD.UK will have a stall there so that you can order stuff (and pay for it I imagine) and then he will bring it with him, instead of you having to pay postage. I’m pretty sure anyway. Why don’t you ask him?


unicycle.com will have a stall there, i did ask him in a conversation the other day.