BUC Photos


Does anyone have some nice photos of BUC last year that would not mind being published? I have a UK National magazine offering to do an artical for us on this years BUC but are needing photos.

For those who do not know it is going to be in Billingham in the North East of England this year, 23 April 2004 to 25 April 2004.



Hey Roger,

I’m sure I’ve got some nice ones.

I will scan them, and stick them in a gallery, and give the link. Give me an hour or so…



I forgot, I already put them up!

The gallery is here

You can use what ever pics you want, but you might want to cut some of them down etc.

Hope that helps,


I took some, although they’re not super cos I was quite drunk much of the time and my camera ran out during the muni.