BUC Hockey Tournament – Teams

Well it’s just over a week until BUC and I was pondering how many teams there will be in the hockey tournament. We, that is East Midlands Unicyclists, have put together two teams, thanks to some organisational type persons that we are lucky to have. So are there any other teams already organised to compete in the tournament?

If you haven’t yet do you intend to organise a team or are you planning on joining a scratch team?

It would be nice to at least get some idea of numbers of hockey players attending BUC.

Oh and is there any rules regarding international hockey players? (This question has nothing to do with the 10 Germans attending BUC, honest :roll_eyes: )

There’ll probably be one team and a bit from Lunis, I don’t think we’ll manage to get 10 players up, we don’t normally get that many at a practice :wink:


I e xpect there will be a SW team, as we have a title to defend, not sure who will be in it, see whos there of last years team and patch any holes I guess.

We, at Billingham, have 3 teams.
2 ‘top’ teams, and a lower team.

I do believe that there is now 15 Germans coming, and as for international rules, who knows! I’m not hot on my rules, so you’ll have to ask someone else.

Should be good :slight_smile:


So far we have;

2 EMU teams
1 (and a bit) LUNIS team
1 SW team (defending title)
3 Billingham teams
15 Germans, who I’m sure will put something together as I know they like their hockey

And of course any scratch teams. Looks like being good fun :smiley:

I would expect to see a Denton team as well.


I don’t know whats the deal with those lot atm, I believe Steve has pulled out so they might be a little short. Ah well.