BUC, and MUni weekends

I need to organise my travels for this year, and i was wondering when the exact dates and locations of BUC, the California MUni weekend, and the Vancouver MUni weekend (is that even happening?) Also, For anyone who have been to Any of them, Which would you most recommend for someone (me) who is heavily into Trials and MUni riding, and hasn’t been to any of them? besides NAUCC, are there any others i’m missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: BUC, and MUni weekends

Arnold the Aardvark wrote:
> The BUC is on 25-27 April in Kidderminster, England.
> For more details take a look at:
> http://www.unicycle.org.uk/buc10/

Catherine wants to know what colour the T-shirts will be, and has asked
me to request something other than black or white.

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Re: BUC, and MUni weekends

Moab MUniFest. See new thread and Web site:

Also there’s the Sea Otter Classic weekend, which has, since 1999, started with Friday and Saturday rides in the Santa Cruz area. This year’s Sea Otter is April 10-13:

No details yet on unicycling for that weekend. We usually go to Monterey on Sunday to play on the Trials courses. and downhill slalom (as seen in my avatar, taken by Nathan Hoover). I didn’t find anything about competitive Trials on the Web site, but they do list a “Flow Ride Zone.”

I don’t have dates for MUni Weekend yet. Since we aren’t reserving anything big like ski mountains or lodges, we don’t need to set up so far in advance, but of course I know it’s important for all you fliers.

I was kind of deferring to Dylan with the Vancouver event, to see what he comes up with first. Ours is always in the fall, in September or October. Anybody got a preferred weekend?

Tentative plans for CA MUni Weekend 2003:
Friday: Experienced riders only, possibly South Yuba Trail
Saturday: Auburn, as in the '96-'98 weekends
Sunday: Downieville Downhill, with possible alternate ride or shorter version for novices (which in this case means people who aren’t up to a 17+ mile ride after Fri. and Sat.)

Re: BUC, and MUni weekends

Scott Bridgeman (The Muniac of Muniac.com) and I have been talking about organizing a Muni event this year. Scott did a very successful New Jersey Muni weekend last October which drew 16 riders.

Sorry, no idea of a date yet for this year, but I guess we’d better get moving on it. This year’s event should be bigger than last year, involving our favorite trails in both NY and NJ. Also, Scott and I are building a BIG trials course which will hopefully be a part of the weekend.

Joe Merrill

Re: BUC, and MUni weekends

> Catherine wants to know what colour the T-shirts will be, and has asked
> me to request something other than black or white.

They will be neither black nor white. I suspect a green or blue may
be used, with white ink, but this is not decided.

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Blue would be nice; I’ve got a green t-shirt already… :slight_smile: