Leo’s Bullet point review of BUC 6

Location & Venue

  • Broli Performing Arts centre
  • Mostyn, North Wales coast 20 miles from Chester


  • Uni Pub Crawl Accidentally long and steep route, some game locals, & enough
    lights between us to put a rally car to shame - back to hall to see if beer
    had improved ability to pull off tricks (that’s when I must’ve picked up the
    huge bruise on my arm).


  • Races etc. Officiated by Roger & Tim on a football field. Those with grippier
    tyres (and pedals) had a distinct advantage. Several rounds Gladiators,
    British Bulldog on unicycles WOW ! (try asking Sarah for an UK to US

  • Hockey in nearby leisure centre Teams picked out of a hat - good surface -
    only 2 broken sticks and no broken people.

*Iguana appreciation

  • Show Compered by Tim (Foolery) included: Daves spectacularly technical 2
    Diabolo act; Roger & Claire’s imaginative(!) pairs routine; Jamie showing
    remarkable athletic prowess freemounting his 8ft giraffe without a run up
    before juggling more balls than most on it; Max built up to riding a unicycle
    whilst inside his sleeping bag

  • More beer and choclate fueled tricks practice + Kayleigh on rope and trapeze
    showing that she can do more than just unicycle.


  • Car expedition via diversions and twisty roads to get to …

  • MUNI expedition Very hot weather. Split into two groups - I went with the
    experienced crowd trying to keep up with Roger on his Muni and Max on Roger’s
    brake-enabled Coker. Mostly good but often steep tracks with a technical and
    largely walked scenic ascent (when we got a bit lost). Peter soon regretted
    bringing the kitchen sink in his overloaded daysack and Rocketman had an
    exploding Orange juice carton/camera equipment incident.

  • Return and recovery from MUNI

  • Business Meeting, Prizes, & a well supported raffle thanks to Pashley for
    donating a “Virtual Unicycle” (i.e. an I.O.U. for one)

Thanks to the organisers Tim, Ali & Roger and to the centre staff (both
volunteers) Pedro & (oops didn’t catch his name).