The 6th B.U.C. was a hit from the start. The Broli Performing Arts Centre
seemed a cherished and well-cared-for centre for its students, encouraged by a
terrific team of volunteers. It was most congenial. The fair weather also
enhanced the occasion.

Highlights of particular note included an eccentric nighttime pub crawl; Roger’s
warm-up; the blind-fold relay race (very Candid Camera); Leo & Peter fronting a
youth pickup hockey team with lots of vocal support; Kayleigh casually
practising cool tricks; Claire & Rogers’ Unicycling Pairs act; Roller Coaster
roads to the Muni; the Muni; and CHOCOLATE.

Ideas for next year: More of the same, all pile into the nice quiet pool with
fab water slide after the hockey. I’ve made a mental note to bring cake and lots
of it. Bring more film. Buy a decent map of the area and bring the GPS so we
don’t get lost finding the MUNI venue. Take a day off work on Monday to recover.
Mountain bike hire option for non-riders who want to come along on the MUNI?

In conclusion, smashing! It was lovely to see everyone and lots of great stuff
went on. Thanks to the very special people who made it happen including the guys
who staffed the cafe so well. The organisation was not mad/confused/or
over-regulated, the accomodation/food/venue was great and there were plenty of
good reasons to get up before lunchtime.

Caroline White, Cheltenham

P.S. All attendees please feel free to pop down to see us anytime to go
for a Muni!